Help me i have problem with notify

notify1 notify

what’s wrong with this block?

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Are you using all those blocks on the same screen?! If yes, you’re doing it wrong…

Correction : Blocks are totally wrong. No matter whether they are on same screen or on different one.

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you can’t start something on screenA and end it on screenB…
just remove the notifier and test switching screens after building the app to find out, that switching screns work quite fast, i.e. you do not need a progress dialog…
alternatively simulate different screens, see also tip 1 here

@Alapjeet your answer is inappropirate… what about providing a useful and constructive answer next time? you can consider this as a warning!



Yup I am sorry for that. I realized it but before I delete kodular bot deleted my comment…


oohh i see thank you, i think i can use notify for switching to another screen

so, what’s the truth?

@Taifun already mentioned a helpful stuff.