Help me with this api

Hello koders i need some help to make this api work in app.
Once i run it i get this error

Argument #1 (not found) to ‘,java.util.List)’ has wrong type (java.lang.String) (java.lang.String cannot be cast to

I hope here you have added empty string, but instead you must add create empty list or create empty dictionary


I hope the Reason for the error is, list items will not be stored in string enabled variable

ok let me add creat empty list

same issue with create empty list or create empty dictionary

better, add first one with empty dictionary and second one with empty list

same issue

can you share the url? if possible…

? let me know if u can help me,

just now got name value… just a minute… looking for length of the list… if i get it, then it is over… Due to more items companion got exit multiple times…

ah ok will wait

why this much of length of items?? 2756… app hanging a lot for me…

idk is possible to load only 100 or someting else?

I have no problem extracting all data using [Free] Json To Dictionary Extension

Blocks are draggable

ok let ne try with this extension.

Oh My God… What a great mistake i did… I was trying with Data but it is data

)) lol man

You can try with web block itself, no problem

? once i get data i want to show them into dynamic card.

it will take time i think. because 2756 items need to be casted into dynamic… only names or anyother items need to be shown in dynamic? I hope you can create yourself…