Help needed for a beginner who tries to make a note app

I’m making a Notes app but i got stucked…
When the user makes a note i want the app to make a card view and a label on it which writes out the note title after save.
And if the user makes a new note than i want that the app make another card view and label for it. I hope it’s understanable what i wanna do.
I’m trying to do this for 2 days now but it seems like i’m unlucky :confused:
(I’m new to this visually programming so don’t hit hard on me please :slight_smile: )
(And yes i searched through the internet and this community forum but i didn’t really find what i wanted)

Here some picture of my blocks:

Hello and welcome to the Community @TheMarci

Where and what’s the issue you are facing?

When i click to save note the app just go back to main screen but nothing appears

The problem is you are saving your dictionary in ‘Notes’ tag but while displaying the title you are calling the dictionary with ‘Note’ tag and that tag tag isn’t available in your TinyDB.

Hence it’s creating an empty dictionary and as a result nothing is shown on main screen

I fixed it but still nothing.

Can you show the fixed blocks?

I think you need to put get Value for key directly without using Tiny db Get Value block :thinking:You have no such tag.So always the value will be empty string.

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I was typing that but you did that first! :sweat_smile: @Mohamed_Tamer


So change the get global Note to get Value but how? There’s no value var.

Nope.Just add GetValue dictionary block directly in the text parameter ( Set text block ).And remove the TinyDb GetValue block.


Like this?

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Yes.That what meant.

Sad but still not appears anything on main screen. :confused:

That means that creating labels blocks doesn’t execute at all.Use do it option for your global variables to know what does it returns.Maybe when you save you save wrong values.For example.What is the variable saves and id returns?

well … because i use dynamic label, card view and etc. it has to be an id for it. And i wanted to count the save button clicks and give the counted num as an id for the dynamic blocks.

So can you tell us what the saves and id variables returns?Because if they were not equal your blocks won’t execute?

Drag a get (variablename) block to your blocks.And then right click on it.And select do it from the context menu you will get.:wink:

The saves and id should increase everytime when the user saves a note and then the increased number shuold be added to the card view and label. Thats how i imagined to work… but as it looks not working.

So you can try this to know what they retruns to know if there values are right or not:

Also i’m wondering what the variables here contain:thinking: