(Help Problem with QR generator) Qr Scanner and Generator

Problem - The QR Generator is often giving late response

What is the name of your app?

Qr Scanner and Generator


Apk - Qr_copy_copy (3).apk (5.8 MB)

Nice topic, extremely simple to read!

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I will add screenshots.

Nice app keep :kodular: oding!

So are you showing your created app or discussion any problem? @Overall_General

A problem in created app

Show your blocks

I have now changed the category and also you should now explain your problen in details with related blocks(instead of apps screenshots) if possible

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So what’s wrong?

The QR generator is often showing slow responses and i downloaded it for the first time and entered the text “qr” in the textbox but when i scanned the resultant Qr its showing the text as “default” instead of “qr”.

I’m sure you’re supposed to invert these blocks…


Thank you, the problem solved.

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