Help Screen going skits

can someone be of help here
i have done some debugging
but everytime i test my app kodular app keeps crashing

here’s my blocks

coolvibesreloaded_copy (1).aia (1.6 MB)

Try capturing device logs to find out the crashes reason.

i suppose you have to have you’re mobile connected to pc?

Yes, your smartphone should be connected with your computer.
Or you might try one more way. Let me explain the way for you. If AndroidStudio installed on your computer, so just enter into it and open any project. When gradle sync is done just connect your smartphone with your computer via USB port or via WIFI (Scan QR code to connect). Now goto log section and here you can see your connected device logs.

AndroidStudio provides a various way to filter logs. It might help you.

cmd keeps saying waiting for device
my mobiles plugged in

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You might made any mistake. Please follow every step one by one again.

nope defiantly followed everything

rite the warning is telling me
about the webviewer

is that correct?

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i have this error from cmd Kodular Starter v2
OS: windows
ADB path: C:\Users\jayau\AppData\Local\Temp\KodularStarter\adb.exe

Running a Vweb app on http://localhost:8004
Hit Ctrl+C to quit.

[INFO] Turn USB debugging on from the Developer Options on your phone
[ERROR] No devices connected!
[INFO] Device found = ZY32GH7LWZ
[INFO] Device found = ZY32GH7LWZ
[INFO] Device found = ZY32GH7LWZ
[INFO] Device found = ZY32GH7LWZ
[INFO] Device found = ZY32GH7LWZ
[INFO] Device found = ZY32GH7LWZ
[INFO] Device found = ZY32GH7LWZ
Failed first_line

Starting companion app on device [ZY32GH7LWZ] (Keep your phone connected via USB)8001
Starting: Intent { act=android.intent.action.VIEW cmp=io.makeroid.companion/.Screen1 (has extras) }
Failed first_line
Failed first_line
[INFO] Resetting…
[INFO] Killed adb…
Failed first_line
Failed first_line

its something do with

i can’t figure out what lol ?

Make sure USB debugging is turned on.
You may need to install adb to your computer.

i have usb debugging on

What about installing ADB on your computer?

yea its on here

its something do with this (android.intent.action.VIEW) i saw in cmd

When your app make crashes? When you try to open your app or when menu item is clicked?

keeps saying

when acutal no it don’t i’ve looked

You might take a look here.

nope can’t find anything i need to fix my app
it’s going skits

In principle, try to keep your extensions updated
NotificationStyle update v1.5

How about you explain to us what the meaning of your blocks is?

the truth finding that, the rest I didn’t even check

on the first screen i’m making
a streaming player
the request screen is is a webviewer
to our request page

screen2 im trying to make several mp3players
for relaxation music!!!