Help to create list with TinyDB

Hello koders,i am trying to store list with tinydb.i know there was more discuss about it on the community. i tryied all but i can’t do that perfectly l. I tried many way.that was an way i tryied

This way it just store one me regard to this topic.[sorry for rip English

So, what do you mean by “I can’t do it perfectly”? The data is not there? It’s different? What gets saved in TinyDB? Did you use Do It?

Perfectly mean i tried to create list.but it just save one data.not in list.

you can use list to cvs row and while getting cvs row to list, and i have seen tinydb stores list also if list is valid and small, large list can create problems


Can you create an block of list to csb row

here it is in simple, but remember. a long text will take time to load and may hang or crash your app.

blocks - 2019-12-27T122858.793

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Tnx man.i will try it & inform you later.

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You can also do it like this (works for me)



You are working on bookmark??

yes, but you can use this method to save anything in tinyDB as a list

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Adding items to the list won’t save the list to the TinyDB automatically. You need to save your changed list to the TinyDB manually. As far I see from your blocks, you don’t save the list to the TinyDB after updating it.


I didn’t understand i am storing variable.

what he meant was you are only saving values (like title, image, etc) in a list but you are not saving that list (global favorite_title, global favorite_title, etc) in a tinyDB, so that you can use that list anywhere in you app. {According to image provided by you}
see my blocks image above, first I save values in a list (global BookmarkTitle) and then saving that list on a tinyDB

I am also doing same in my app.first i added list item in a variable then i store it in tinydb

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