Help to retrieve deleted components

How to retrieve the components deleted due to operation errors, the component design interface cannot see the undo function, please help! ! !

In Designer Tab unfortunatelly it is not possible to Undo ( no such option) and if you delete something from designer assorted blocks also deletes and there is no way to get them back.


The only to retrieve what you lost would be to restore a backup (i.e., if you created a copy of your project at any point, or exported the AIA)

Without a backup, I’m afraid deletions are permanent.


I’m crying, can you understand my mood? Why is there no such basic function? Must be rebuilt again.:sob: :sob:

Ask App Inventor, I guess. This is a fundamental design decision, and while Kodular could in theory implement it and upstream the changes, surely it isn’t that simple.

Now you know to take regular backups. I’m sorry for your loss.


Recommendation: When deleting a component, you should be warned about the name of the component to be deleted. If you want to delete the layout, you should be reminded to also delete the components in the layout. Just like deleting a project, you need to enter the project name to delete it. This should not be complicated.

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That would have to be made optional as well - many will find the deletion confirmation in its current state to be sufficient, and a typed confirmation to be more of an annoyance.

Not sure about the priority of such a feature, but hey the idea isn’t bad. :+1: