Help while importing extension through link

As you all know that we can download extension and upload it by importing it but how to get links to import extension. I want to import extension through link. When I paste the link and click on import then it shows me that url is not valid.

Why I am not downloading the extension reason written below:-
Whenever I tried to upload my images in the kodular project or try to import any extension, Then The page automatically reload and there a message show that Unable to complete previous operation due to low memory. I know that this is not kodular problem but how can I do

Note:- I am a Android user

Could you post here the link ?

Soorry i mentioned here the wrong link. I am posting here the correct link

… and the correct link is … :question:

Here is the link.
And this link also i was trying to important but not imported.

You can not use that url because link leads to a page that doesn’t exist. Which extension do you try to download ? Maybe it is from a banned user ?

@dora_paz And this extension is showing me error code 404. Actually i am creating store so i am importing aix.

This extension is downloading but can’t important through link