Help with Android 11 and the package extension

I use Taifun’s package extension, with Android 11 Do I need another extension so that I can scan all apps on the device?
Screenshot 2021-09-17 144703

how do i use this block from the extension?

With @Taifun 's package manage you have to add permission QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES into the manifest. If you publish your app on Google Play, your app’s use of this permission is subject to approval.
To add that permission into the manifest, you can use the Query_all_packages extension by @anonwins


okay did use this extension and how can i fill this permit from google play

following the link Preview: Use of the broad package (App) visibility (QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES) permission - Play Console Help you get this

If your app meets the policy requirements for the acceptable use of the QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES permission, you will be required to declare this and any other high-risk permissions using the Permissions Declaration Form in Play Console.


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In AI2 the block doesn’t show up, it’s the first time I see it. It’s irrelevant. You just drag the extension inside Screen1, no blocks needed. Just saying for future reference.

Also, note that Google doesn’t recommend using this permission. Instead, they recommend using specific queries/intents. Queries in the manifest allow the app to communicate with specific other apps, or apps that handle a specific action/intent. QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES enables ALL queries therefore android doesn’t like it. It’s useful for specific situations, for example when you make your own app store, or an app-manager, and really need to read ALL installed apps. If your situation does not necessarily require this permission, google will probably deny it. You can use my permission extension build guide to add queries in your manifest.

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Yes, I need this authorization, I have a battery manager and you can manage your apps in the battery manager. But I still have a big problem @anonwins

This is the battery manager, and you can also manage apps there