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Hello guys
I’m creating a pdf generator app, and on this pdf, I want that, in the final, be possible sign the document with canvas component, but I don’t now how do that a image component change to canva image

Canvas to image

Use component to image extention

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Hi my friend
My mobile has the android 12…
This extension don’t working…
What can I do?

then try this method

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What I need is creating a draw on canvas, and after that, set a image component with what was drawn

I think its not possible very easily

We can use some extensions, but that would not be easy

@Still-learning he wants to get a canvas where he cam sign, then the canvas’ image will be stored and placed somewhere in a pdf file

That is what I’m trying

If so, then @fernando_santos , you can use sample form and at the end just use canvas and allow user to sign in it and save the page as psd or upload the pdf to any database for your proof

to do so, this extension wil do good

Layout to pdf by Kio4

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gsr.pdf (24.0 KB)

hellllo.pdf (25.1 KB)

I am using Android version less than 10 so easily reads the image stored in the storage automatically

you can resize the image to smaller one

I use this extension in my app
How I do to set a image with directory image? After save as canvas?

I used the same way, how taifun snippets suggests. As I told you I am using Android version less than 10, so pathway was easily read by image component. If you use Android 10 and above, it is difficult to read but however you can try just by using join block file://+get tinydb get tag value. Just try

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