Help with icon in button!

How to center the icon in a button.

I added the icon with these blocks!

U can just set the position to center

Set the horizontal arrangement align horizontally center and set the icon to left and button center with width automatic…it will almost bring it to center

I used a single button here and I want to add the icon inside the button with text

Why did u used the position to left…make it center

You can’t…

Screenshot (94)
Because It only accepts left, right, top & bottom!

Check this if it helps…

You should set the button width to automatic not fill parent…then the icon can come in center

Instead of button, i feel the same design can be achieved by dynamic component extension… it can be simple , have a look into that

Got a solution for this!

Uploaded and set the fontawesome 5 font for the button and copied the icon form Font Awesome not the icon name or code and paste it on the text field! it works good!
Screenshot (95)


but when I try to copy it copies like this:ď…­

Why you use button? You can use Horizontal Arrangement or Card View as a button?

No problem, just use it!!!

it requires to customize manually to look like a button. so, I prefer using button!

Thats true, but after some customizings, I can do more stuffs than button(gradient, multiple components inside, shadow, radius, image…) so I prefer arrangements!

Providing an alternative can never be a solution to the issue. Post alternative when the issue isn’t solvable. If he/she had already done it and got the solution for it then you won’t need to recommend alternatives.

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Sorry what font am I using in this project?

Fontawesome 5

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