Help with In App Billing Component

Hi Kodulars!

I have a problem with “in app billing”…

I’m working in “Test mode”.

When I use the companion everything works regularly even if the call_in_app_billing gives me a value of “false”.

But when I try to install the apk on the phone, nothing happens after the purchase.

Moreover, how come I can make the purchase only once a day? After the purchase I always have to wait the next day to carry out a test.

Any idea?!

What is your call block joined to?

To nothing… I use it just for tests.

It looks like there’s so much wrong with your blocks I don’t know where to begin.

Check here and here.

see here


thank all for your answe.

I prepared an apk with test mode disabled an uploaded it on aplha test.

Now I have a message like “APK not optimized”… I’m investigating the meaning


I’m waiting for the publication of the app. from what I understand it may take a few days