Help with saving dynamic components

Do you know what could I do to save the videos when I go to a different screen so that I can load them back in when I go to this screen again?
There’s too many blocks to send a screenshot so I’m sending the screen file, when I click on post new video then choose one and the title and description it creates a arrangement with a clickable image and stats and I want to be able to save those videos that are already made so that when I go to another screen and back the same videos would be there, any ideas?

Thanks, Niu.

Screen file: Yt_simulator_videos.ais (43.1 KB)

I would like say, store the selected video and playback time in a tinydb whenevr user move to another screen or exit or something else. So next time when he enters when the screen initialise call tinyDB to check , whether past records are there or not. If not let the user browse as usual if not let the app resume where he left and which video he saw …


Thanks for the reply I was waiting so long for somebody to reply. But that’s not really what I want, I think I explained it wrong. On the videos screen there are “videos” but they are just few dynamic arrangements and stats labels and a thumbnail which is a clickable image, and that’s what I want to save. Can you please check out the file I attached to get a better understanding.
(I’m using dynamic components extension btw)

Thanks, Niu.

I am away from system. In mobile view it is hard to guess. But from your reply I understand somewhat, so when user click whatever the field(may be of anything, store the component and their details in tinyDB. If your want to recover mean then default one is tinyDB only. No other option will help you

Your ais gives this error only…

Is it made with fully kodular platform or someother platform???

In the early stages I saved the .aia file from mit app inventor and stated using kodular since it was better for what I needed, so it should open just fine like it does for me.
And here is the image of the thing I want to save:

I can try and send the .aia file and maybe this will work if you want?

better give us aia file, if not show us the blocks… even though it is bigger no issue for that

I can’t show you the blocks, because the procedure to create a “video” is so long that I have to zoom out really really far so here is the .aia file:
Yt_simulator.aia (84.1 KB)

You tried to save na, this is correct. Doesnot it work? Still need more values?

Thanks for the reply, but I still have few questions.

  1. Why did you put any is it just an example or does that matter in any way and how?
    I actually have no more questions cause I think I just got this, I’ll update you if it worked.
    Thanks man.

Hey man I need help.
Half way through I’m stuck. I did something like this:
So that when a new video is made it adds a new item to the list named vid(vid_id(which is keep getting bigger each video)) and when the screen initalizes then it creates thsi video again for each item in list and the title and description, thumbnail and everything else would save to the tinyDB but if there will be 2 videos they will overwrite the tinyDB data. My idea is to make a dynamic component that would store the data and then get the data from there so that there is seperate data for each vid, but idk how to do it so it won’t get messy and to make it fully automatic.

Please check up, whether it is working or not. I didnt define the if else statement, you can try to recover the values in a exact label or global variable or dynamic component etc etc.

If further assistance needed, reply soon

I hope there you have to use the procedure call post_new_video.. Try it and let me know…

Hey, I tried to do something like this
Yt_simulator (1).aia (83.1 KB)
But it doesn’t work, it’s probably because I’m not good with lists. Do you know how to do it so that after new video is created it will add this video to a list and it’s data and then when the screen initalizes it will load up again? Or maybe it would be easier to just use the firebase to store the videos and the load them back in? I was working earlier with firebase and I know how to set it up and save the data to the right place, loading the data back in is whole another story for me tho.