Hi iam getting problem to store a image in firebase-store database please help me


Use cloudinary to store image

Solution @Ramesh

First you have to copy the Storage bucket

And then paste it into the rules, where it says Bucket

Getting something like that:

If you look carefully at the link copied from the bucket you have to put it without gs://

And you have to set the rules like it says in the image, so that everybody can upload a file. If you don’t do that you would have to make an authentication system and use the firebase rules for authenticated users.

thank you very much for your response. i tried what you suggest but still iam getting same error please if you can try this .aia file upload.aia (2.9 KB)

Are you using extension or component…?

thank you very much for your suggestion i tried that to but i facing still problem is there any alternative for this if have please kindly upload .aia file to me i will test it

if you have extension please upload to me. i will test that too.

iam using component

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Have you added google service json in Your app?

yeah ofcourse i added

please fix this problem i will send my .aia file to you if you interested.
below is my .aia filefirestorage.aia (3.8 KB)

thank you very much for you kind information i did wht you suggest but still got problem please try to fix my problem if you can this is my .aia file firestorage.aia (3.8 KB) iam waiting for your reply

Actually it’s working fine withh me . I suggest you check app package in firebase authentication & keystore also…

wow really its working you great . but what you said i didn’t get .
I checked app package so many times but as per my concern fire authenitication and keystore are necessary …

please post that working apk to me just for checking how its works. As my app providing url to download the image from firestore once again thank you very much for you checking my .aia

firebaseproject.apk (5.8 MB)

Here mine app which I created to check it…
It’s work on fine…

nice your great app is working fine if you don’t mine please put step by step guide lines, images of app I able to find mistake so ican fix my app problem thank you once again for you effort please post .aia to me if possible

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ok will snd you a tutorial…

thank very much i will wait for your tutorial have a nice day and good to find you

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