Hide button shadow

do you know if it is possible to hide the shadow under the object button?

I tried to disable the shadow in advanced option but nothing has changed.
See the image attached:

Have you used cardview to create button?

What is the shape of the button? And what background color do you use?

Whith card “view+label” i solved and created material button whitout shadow.
-Tried with all shapes
-Background of the button = screen backgrond color

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You can set the Button background color to none and the shadow will disappear and if you want background color for the button, you can place the button inside horizontal or vertical layout and set the layout color as per your choice.

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Its just an alternative idea. Hope it will help you. :slight_smile:

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With your solution the shadow disappear :+1:
There is only a little problem, dissappear feedback also :frowning: Any suggestion?
With cardview i have the feedbak also.

Thankyou [golumaths100]

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No. If the color is set to none, the button won’t have any color to show as its feedback. So no feedback will be shown. :sweat_smile:

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