Highliting the Date using DB value

I want to implement following functionality.
if I set value in database for field currentdate as todays date 12-02-2022 and also another field duration 25
The app must highlight a date by comparing todays date 12-02-2022 and duration 25 - Must highlight the date in calendar

which calendar app?

Any app which uses calendar to hightlight date

so this calendar app is made by yourself? or other online calendar?

I havent created yet. I need solution for creation

In Kodular how do we display date in Calendar

Could you be more specific ? Do you want to add a schedule in Google calendar or just show a calendar in your app ?

I moved your topic here, please do not double post

I hope this can be possible with dynamic calendar , just try

For example

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After finishing my competetive exam let me show in the dynamic calendar, how to highlight the certain number of days or range of days

I am getting this error

Because in tinyDB you have saved Set Period Date. Clear tinyDB and try again or use Do it to debug your blocks

An example of how I save millis in tinyDB using date picker and clock component