Home screen, suggestions for improvement

Hi guys

I have this home screen in an application of mine already published on google play.
But I would like to improve, because I find it very simple.

Could anyone give me any suggestions to make it more professional? :star_struck: :hugs:


Please translate your topic into English. That’s the only language allowed here.

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ops sorry…

First: The upper and lower bars, either use the same color as the bottom of the screen or try to make it transparent

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Thanks @Rogerio_Rios for your suggestion, I will write it down here.
Just remembering that the black parts are not part of the screen. It’s the device.

In my screen , testing extension

Seek inspiration at Dribbble.com

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Cool @Rogerio_Rios
I’m going to take a look at that site.

@Douglas_Maueski , The screens above I did after taking a look at Dribble.
I did only first screen them to test the extension.
The second was just to try to improve UI learning

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