Horizontal arrangment not working via fit parent (height)

hello developers
on screen1 when i set the height of a horizontal arrangment to fit parent then then i doesnt fit
on other screen it work perfectly
check screen shot

What happens on a real apk?

same, not fit height on screen
check SS
screen colour gray
horizontoal arrangement colour (height fit parent ) red

I think I now what is wrong.
Check your screen settings.
Have you set “Scrollable” to true?

If yes, then it is no bug in the component.
Set scrollable to false and it will work as aspected.

Do as Mika said. If this doesn’t work, set a vertical arrangement to 100 percent in heigh, with to fill parent, and put your horizontal arrangement set to fill parent. Normally it will work.

It works.
You are genious sir.

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