Horizontal Scroll Listview

Hello Koders.

For My Upcoming App I Want To Create Horizontal Listview of three cardviews.

Therefore I have created it’s layout.

But I want to show middle cardview when the screen initializes
Like this

But when the screen initializes it looks like this

I have checked the blocks of H. Scroll Arrangements
But there is no such type of block

I think you can use using ColinTree’s ScrollingHandler Extension

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Something like this ? If so play with the code accordings to your needs :slight_smile:


Divide by 1.5 with 3 objects … trying to follow the logic … :thinking: :grin:


This is ( N / 2) / 1.5 = N
So :

(N/2 ) / Y where 2 x Y It has to be the number of components.

3 components (N/2) /1.5
4 components (N/2)/2
5 components (N/2)/2.5


Thanks buddy. Is this responsive to all devices

Haven’t tested it but I believe so since calculation based on screen’s width

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Thank You Very Much. i will try it

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