Hosting your own TinyWebDB

Yes that’s a JSON

If the Service URL is an https:// link instead of http:// will it work and will it be safer?

Not sure but it must work

https:// is safe if compared from http:// if you have genuine certificate

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Thanks, I’m not planning to store sensitive data but I’ll most likely buy an SSL Certificate. The most sensitive user information will be their Email address.

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Do you think it’s possible to keep a home server instead of theese webhosts?
Is there any tutorial on how to build my own MySQL and PHP server and how to connect it to my app?

For those of you suffering the: “communication with the web service encountered a protocol exception”

Try this workaround:
add the set serviceUrl block before the tinywebdb call and ensure you include the correct php file at the end, so storeavalue.php to save and getvalue.php to get. Worked for me.

(sorry it is in AI2 not Kodular)

[EDIT] Also, setting file permission 666 for database.txt / database.json is not great as this is world readable, better to use 600


Hey i have one question about this

Can we store multiple value in one tag in this please some one tell me.


What have you tried? Did it work ?


protip: use a list


Yes because it’s basically just reading a big Json text

I got a error message of “Communication with the web service timed out” while storing value into webhosting. i followed all instructions above mentioned. what should i do for this?

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Is Tiny web DB store image on that

its free or paid…?

Tiny Web DB store Image or not…?

Plz plz plz Replay… I am Waiting for replay I need help… :pray: :pray: :pray:

You have to host TinyWebDB on your own server so yes you have to pay.

However, TinyWebDB can’t store images, only the links to them. You’ll still need to store the images elsewhere and you might need to pay for that.

In future search this forum for answers. If you can’t find a solution then try using google - it’s a search engine that might be able to help you find answers to your questions.

in github there is no file like databade.txt but there are database file as json is this affect??

Hi! It does not affect, I tried and it works perfectly

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what happened with my FTP?
i tried and following step like on tutorial

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Is there any limitation for Tiny web DB? because i lost all data suddenly