How Can I add Append values in list view

How Can I add Append Value in list view in kodular

Like This :point_down::point_down::point_down: Value How Can I add in list view of each value

You have to recreate elements list each time you call amount from firebase. When firebase got value set elements list to create an empty list and then if get tag = amount set elements list to get value, set list view elements to get elements list

Can you plz show me in block I couldn’t understand

Dora show me in block plz

You know there is a search option in community :mag:

Image taken from Firebase Database | A Guide for Beginners. Please read guide and see how append works

You want to show the values as l;ist view in app or want to add into the firebase existing value as list

List view in app

I want to show each value as list in app

Plz help me

have you tried anything?

I have a problem that How can I store each value in app as list

How can I show it? In list in app


try like this and let me know

Showing error msg

Look this :point_up::point_up: showing error msg

Have you seen above quide? Have you seen the blocks I posted ? What part of the above guide you didn’t understand ?

Yes i have confusion on that

Confusion about what ? If get tag is CR then if get value is empty string store value tag Qr value empty list else set ListView elements to get value


Ok I am trying it

Is this right but list is not showing