How can I block some element from loading in webviewer

Means I have to block footer, I don’t want footer to be shown in app as I am converting my website to app,
I know about google optimize but i will not make different url for application, Please tell if anyone have the solution…

Please help working on a project!!

Can I have link for website and what are you trying to block?

I want to block title bar and footer

Something like this might work for you. You will need to handle further link traversal in a similar fashion.


It will be very easy to do using JavaScript.
For example:


Initially I thought it is impossible but @vknow360 you did it… superb idea. Just now noted your suggestions in that link . :wave:

Really u r 360°

Thanks @Kanishka_Developer and @vknow360 It means a lot. Now, I can continue to work

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Hey, I found a problem please can you help me to do this process when user goes to another URL.

It decreases speed also, loading ULTRA slow, I need something easy.

Indeed, since my solution fetches the full HTML first, unlike how webpages are usually loaded. I recommend you try @vknow360’s solution; it is more elegant in this case and should work better.

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