How can i call 2 firebase values

Dear Coder

I need little help. I have stored two values in firebase database i.e.

playerp1: value
playerp2: value

I want to get these both values in Webview html block with the text join block.

Here is s code block picture what i want.

Please help me as with an example


I didn’t understand what you are saying… But in order to get multiple data from firebase you can use
If get tag = player 1
Then (use value wherever)
If get tag = player2
Then (use value wherever)

Thanks for the reply.

I am trying to explain what i want, in below :point_down:code block picture i am calling html code to run video player simply using join text block in my app and it is working perfectly.

Now i have made some changes i have store these html code in firebase database
first text join in above picture is = playerp1 (tag)
second text join in above picture is a video URL
third text join in above picture is = playerp2 (tag)

I have tried to make some code block in below picture and trying to call html code from firebase database but playerp1 tag value is retrieving fine from firebase and executing well but how can i call playerp2 tag value.

Hope above is clear to understand what i want.

Please help and guide me

Hey @ishaqani,
To retrieve multiple valuee,
Make call to Firebase using get value for first tag, when you got the value use if then statement to match the tag, if tag is, for example, player 1 then Store its value in variable and then call for the second value and so on. You can repeat this process for as many times you want.

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Thanks a lot dear for you kind help. Its working as i want.

We are here to help each other. :+1::+1:
Thanks for making it solution.

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