How can I Get Elements in single raw from Mysql using blocks

I am using Mysql, I can insert and update data in raws

But I can not get an element in single raw using kodular blocks

I hope to help me it is very important

Use a select statement together with a where clause

You might want to show us some example rows and what data you like to extract to get better advice


Hello. :grin:There are several examples on this subject here in the community. Have you already done a search on?:grinning::+1:

I am a beginner, could you help me please?



php table

I am using simple insert, update and read php files

read file showing the data in a table

I need to select every cell in a single raw in label

ID in a label
Email in a label
Balance in a label
Refer in a Label

I hope you can help me by php file and blocks needed

Thank you

my MySql solution is here App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: MySQL | Pura Vida Apps
to get the data of a specific user (in the example the user having user id = 7) you can send the following sql statement to the database

SELECT * FROM yourTableName WHERE ID = 7


I need PHP file used for this please

it does not look like you checked my MySQL page, else you could have found what you need

I already used the php code in the link
But unfortunately it shows (Bad request) message

Could you please solve this problem for me if you can?


Make sure to follow the setup instructions carefully

What about providing a screenshot of your relevant blocks?


I do not know what is the wrong with this code
Hope you find the error please


I’m not familiar with @juananton1991’s solution… he might want to provide some advice. .


do you have any suggestion??

My suggestion is here


I am sorry for more questions
I success to make php file to get Balance value when inserting the ID

but the blocks it seems wrong

could you help me to make the correct blocks please

Uploading: 7.JPG…