How can I get the cell number of Excel sheet while using dynamic component?

I want to get the cell number after getting data from Excel sheet…
Here are some images to understand better…

This is how the app look and everything is dynamic…

Here you can see I am getting all data but showing only few which contains specific text…

This is the Excel sheet and I want to get the cell number and not the dynamic cardview number…


I am using spreadsheet may this is also available in excel

No @Faraz_Firoz1 , he is using Google sheet but the above block will work with spreadsheet (airtable only)

You cannot pick exactly that value. You need to compare with known vlaue of that row then only tou can take it.

Select L where A watched 'textbox text'

Let me share you a link , first go through slowly then really this …

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This is not helpful for me…I am sorry

Return index/number

This will give me the cardview number not the Google sheet cell number

Do you want result L13 ?

I want result 13

Have you try :point_up_2:
Its return 13 if you click delete job button or any number by click of dynamic button

I tried it should give 1&15 but instead it’s showing 1&2…the above given picture which shows 13 is an example…

@sugarlesscreator in the Excel sheet there are 15 data out of which I am only showing 2 data…as you ca see my blocks above given picture I am removing items from the list and extracting the data with a specific name…so to delete those data from Google sheet I need the exact number which I don’t understand how I can get that’s what I need help with

Use index in list thing

This will give me same as number 2

I have to get the number before removing items so that I get the correct number, but I don’t understand how I can do that


Can anyone please help me how can I solve this

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Make a new column and insert the cell number in it and call it in the application and do whatever you like


I don’t want to do that, I want to do the way I have written above and also shown using the block…can any one please help me in that manner…can any #procoder please help me

I have created the list but don’t understand why I can’t get the index from the list always getting error…can anyone please help me?

First show us your when web got text block.
I hope you may not add list from the CSV table text just before the response content