How can I get the thumbnail of a video in Cloudinary?

Is it possible to get the thumbnail of a video hosted in Cloudinary or elsewhere on the internet?

I managed to get a thumbnail URL manually from Cloudinary using my pc but didn’t find a more automated and easy way to do it from inside the app I’m making.

I also found this extension:

But it seems like it’s suitable for local videos and not for web-hosted ones.

There are 2 different apps. One is meant for the users and the other is for the admins. Through the admins’ app I will be uploading videos to Cloudinary, get the result URL, pass it to firebase and then the user will be able to retrieve that URL and access that video. The only problem so far is how to get the thumbnail.

Thanks for your time.

I think its currently not possible to get thumbnail of a video which is hosted on web server.

You can do it.
When you upload videos then use Pedroza Thumbnail extension and make a thumbnail and upload both to cloudinary and get URL of both.


Yeah I thought of that but I was hoping to find a way that will reduce the bandwidth being used. I’ll try another way and if it doesn’t work I’ll go with this one.

Try this Nik,

There is also an REST API endpoint I am pretty sure.


Well, currently I’m facing problems with firebase so once they’re resolved I’ll try this out even though I have no idea where to put the code mentioned in this thread :sweat_smile: Thanks nonetheless!