I need to filter the url of Cloudinary

Hi guys.
I’m creating a very simple app which pretends to upload images to cloudinary (I already achieved this); the only thing I’m missing is to get the link, but as it appears in the image I attached, a text appears which is not the link.

That said I leave attached the aia, in case someone can help me to solve it and thanks in advance.
CloudinaryTest.aia (370.2 KB)


blocks (1)

blocks (2)

blocks (3)


I don’t know why different blocks appear to you, however the response is a json that contains the data, you just have to extract it

I am not sure why you didn’t read the thread.

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Hi @vknow360.

I just went through your post thoroughly and bingo.

For anyone who needs a basic Cloudinary implementation for Kodular, I leave an aia based entirely on @vknow360’s work.

CloudinaryTest.aia (375.9 KB)

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