How can I get the thumbnails of the music?

I have seen many music apps created on Kodular platform but there’s one thing missing in that is the thumbnail.

So, how to get the thumbnails of the music file stored in the Internal storage of the device?
Thank you.


Hi, i don’t test this component but perhaps help you.

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Use this block in Metadata component:



Thanks. I will try and let you know.

Thanks. I will try this and let you know.

It worked. Thanks.
But I am still unable to make a list of thumbnail using this block.

" I am still unable to make a list of thumbnail using this block. "
You did not mention that !
Trie using when created a list for each element on list and embedded picture


I tried but got nothing in the ImageView.

I think (not sure) creating a procedure list and for each element on list set picture to image, button ?
I don’t know you need set the picture

I think using the extension will work. I will try with extension. :wink:

Sorry but i don’t know extension to do that

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Thanks so much don’t know this extension.
I think in kodular component.
Procedure > read link list of mp3 > with condition for each element of mp3 list > embed picture to button, image, etc

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You are welcome. I will try your logic too. :slight_smile:

I think some like this but more complex. You will understand me
blocks (8)

I think you forgot to add one block.

“Set setDataSource to”. :sweat_smile:

You read my post ???
I say " You will understand me " :grinning: :joy:

ya ya. It seems like someone flagged my reply for sharing the extension download link here. :zipper_mouth_face:

Insurance nobody is going to find out !!


You are not allowed to post the direct extension except you own it. Post a link to the page/website from where you got it. If you want it share it here.