Extract image from audio

Hello koders I need your advance help with JS Webviewer to get DocumentElementsMetadata
Here is an example link of an audio which is embedded with thumbnail so please how can I get Thumbnail using JS codes
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get Audio

I have tried some JS codes such as



But I failed to get what I need please I know nothing is impossible but currently I don’t know how to do this please I need your help
My Blocks

what do you want to get? audio?

I want to get Image from this audio
But did you read my post clearly?

I think with js commands this is not doable.

@Groza95 are you sure for real?
Ok if js commands can’t do what is the option then?

I used to see an extension for working with audio. but I don’t remember which site. I hope our moderators will help you

Inorder to get image via js command your url must be valid, but you are having MP3 url by which you can play… see the source of your url, it is not in readable format, if so js command will not work, i hope so…


I feel it is unable . I was tried in mobile, based on result ive replied

.but you can try with extension, it will do rathar than js

the audio is valid I have made it by myself and I tested it on my own coded server try it and you will see here
upload audio to extract image

This doesn’t work with online audio but it works with offline audio only

Hello @Still-learning help me upload file on this using js
I am trying to use this document.getElementById("src").setAttribute("src", URL.createObjectURL(files[0]));
code but I am not able to do it

quick extension
com.shreya.audioImage.aix (4.9 KB)

I haven’t tested it yet, but it should work

use image component

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works with online file?

let me try

yes only url of audio file

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nice to hear that let me test

What should I put on the image

just now tested it working

image = image component of builder

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Wow it works like a charm you are the legend and best among the other thank you in advance @Shreyaa

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Hello @Shreyaa

I wonder why this block is not contained the image url

is there any way I can get the url image so that I can download the image or use it somewhere I need?