Extract image from url of audio file

Simple extension to get audio album photo

Blocks -
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GetImage : You need to use Image component of builder in image section

Demo blocks -
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version 1.1

com.shreya.audioImage.aix version 1.1 (5.9 KB)

version 1.2

Stable update and added <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET"/>

com.shreya.audioImage.aix (12.2 KB)

demo blocks
blocks (24)


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Very nice extension! It will be very helpful for me. Thanks a lot


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@Lily you can save the encoded string to tiny db but encoded string cannot to upload to cloudinary.

i will make block for exporting image to storage

ok let me wait

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blocks (24)

now you can upload image to cloudinary from ASD of your app /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.package.name/files/myimage.png

isString should be false if you using url

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I am not well familiar with how to save data into ASD of my App and fetch it from inside please help me more on this because I wanted also to save some files like PDF and Mp3 in my com.package.name where no one can view it but I don’t real know how to do this please I need your help

you can read this topic by bodymindpower

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I did read it but I didn’t get the quick fixed idea

And if your goal is to get a served solution with no work on your end, you can lose hope. Nothing is easy, and solutions require your work as well. A win is constructed of multiple losses therefore you can not expect someone to give you a quick and easy solution to your problem with no work from you. You should contribute in fixing it and researching as well.

:pray: :pray: