How can I make a html web page url that opens installed android app please?

Hi Kodular Experts

How can I make a html web page url that opens installed android app please ?

example : html page with one button when I click it , it opens the android app if it’s already installed otherwise it will open it’s google play url to install it ?

Thank you

You can do this with Activity Starter component, search community for method.

He say html page i think he wants this on website…

in html its also have activity starter but i think its not possible to to detect that the app is installed or not in device in website…but if u are talking about in kodular u can use package component & activity starter to check when button click if the package name install or not on the device if install thn set ur block & else make a starter and run playstore link + ur package name…

Yes but how can I do it there’s a lot of emails with button to go to the app directly like twitter or facebook or other apps how can i do such with url and html because they are on web , any idea how the do it ?

As m say u just redirect url not verify that the application is installed or not on the device…(in web)

you mean i can only redirect him/her to google play url ?

Yes… See the html code to redirect url to playstore

     <!DOCTYPE html>

<a href="" 
target="_blank">Download Now</a> 



But I don’t mean that I mean if he have it already installed then it will be lunched otherwise it go to google play url to download it.

if the app is already installed, then click the button “Open” in Google Play else there is a button “Install” to install the app

Juste add the link of google was generating for your app on Playstore

Hey…he is not going to add this on app he add this on a website…