Is there any way to open webview links with activity starter?

What I am talking about is that when we use any website in browser like chrome and if the website has any button with a link (for example playstore app link), so when user clicks on the button then the user don’t go with this link in same browser instead options comes on screen to open the link with like PlayStore. In our Kodular its something like what activity starter does so I want to ask that is that same thing possible in any way with Kodular webview? When a website opened in webview has button with Playstore or amazon affliate link could open in PlayStore or Amazon App instead following the link.

Okay, I have got the solution by myself.

Why not show it.

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Post it if other people have the same issue.

Solution: In web viewer component advance property, I unchecked “Follow Links” and Checked “Use External Browser” so now links like Playstore app link, amazon links can forcefully open in their apps. I didn’t know about this option before.

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