I need make when i click a button i'm directed a link

So I need make when i click a button i’m directed a link i think this simple i see this somewhere (i think) but i dont found now…

Anyone can help me please???

In this print i trie make what i want (I tking this show better what i want) but i test with mi phone and nothing…

Use activity starter when user click on button1 YouTube will open and user redirect to particular video or channel


Youtube Launcher - Discuss - Kodular Community

for reference

Config with Button2 Click set Call Web Viewer . Go to URL - your link -

u can try using href

Sorry but i dont want put a youtube link i just put this link to example

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This may help you


we cn simply also use href i suppose
and use activity starter and do it

Yes this is correct 100% I also done this

thanks works prefectly

You help me a lot :slightly_smiling_face:

@Ricala Welcome
Please mark it as solution

There are also many extensions

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