Map activity from button

I want make a button

When I click.
It will open google map.

How can I create it ?
What link or url I will use ?

I’m waiting plz…

If any one not understanding
So ask me again plz

Insert a button and google maps.
The visible property unchecked from google maps.
When you click the button, change this visible property to True.

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when button click users should be go their google map app

and url or link ?
what should be url or link
for direct go to google map.

give me a solution plz
i am very disturbing

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I am not understanding

can you make it.

i know it will very simple and easy
but i am not understanding please help me

what is this ?
this is not my question.

Don’t even open the link you want? Open and see. Read on to learn. Search. Test. Make Effort

my question is simple.

click buttion

open google Map (from mobile App)

The solution has already been passed. You don’t want to try. It looks like you want blocks ready … So wait … Or go and study programming logic …

see this -