Json location geocoding

i’m trying to geocoding with locationiq

these are my blocks

i have to extract from this string of json

`[{"place_id":"330420772163","licence":"https:\/\/locationiq.com\/attribution","lat":"40.827675","lon":"14.203342","display_name":"25, Via Giacomo Leopardi, Rione Lauro, Naples, Napoli, Italy, 80125","boundingbox":["40.827675","40.877063","14.203342","14.308822"],"importance":0.25},{"place_id":"331827903224","licence":"https:\/\/locationiq.com\/attribution","lat":"40.877063","lon":"14.308822","display_name":"25, Via Giacomo Leopardi, Arcamone, Naples, Napoli, Italy, 80026","boundingbox":["40.827675","40.877063","14.203342","14.308822"],"importance":0.25}]`

i knew it’s wrong but i can’t find any tutorial about that

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i just copied the response content

Your response content is a JSON array which contains json objects. You must iterate it to get your marks parameters

you mean something like that?

in “get text from json” i indicate 3 as index cause latitude is in that position…i think

You want to make a cluster of markers?

yes, i search a location using an address (eg 25, via luigi mercantini 100, na, 80125, campania, italia) and i have in return a jason array, in which normally there are two objects (two location) and i want them to show in the map, then i click on the right location i want to pick

First you have to diferenciate json object from json array.
A json array is a list of values, comma separated betwen square parenthesis [ ]. The value can be anything. [value1,value2,value3]
A json object is a list of pair key:value separated by comma, between this parenthesis { tag1:value1, tag2:value2, … }.

In your particular case you have:

“licence”:“Attribution - LocationIQ”,
“display_name”:“25, Via Giacomo Leopardi, Rione Lauro, Naples, Napoli, Italy, 80125”,
“licence”:“Attribution - LocationIQ”,
“display_name”:“25, Via Giacomo Leopardi, Arcamone, Naples, Napoli, Italy, 80026”,

Two json objects inside a json array, so we have to iterate inside them.

Next step is to fill the markers


that’s pure gold.
no other topic like that are in this forum, it’s pretty easy knowing how to do, and you explained very well.

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