How can i make this type of list view?

I want to design this type of list view

But it’s showing deferent !

I using 3 Vertical Arrangement
Screenshot 2022-12-05 194258

If the number of items is 3 then it will show each vertical arrangement or if the number of item is 2 then it will showing in first 2 vertical arrangement and if the number of item is 6 then it will showing like gird view as I attach in the first picture

What’s wrong with my blocks?

for grid view ref here

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Show your procedure blocks which is used to create this grid view… i know where is the mistake… :grin:

This is only work if I have 3,6,9 types of value in my data. But i want different like if i have 7, 10
For example this image -

If I have 7,10, or 11 types of data then it not showing with your suggested blocks? Please help me how can I showing extra data -

You doesn’t read the block properly… the OP create 2 grid view so he used 2 in all places. But if you wanna 3 men you must use according to that. I had the issue very first time later I realised and now working pakka

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Where is the mistake ?

What is the total length of your list?

10 now but it will updating from the database

i have tried with this code, and found working as … based on the length of the list it rearrange, but width was fixed as -2 so it not look good … see my blocks and app response

Did you get it???

Second method(Suggested in the Guide) will be easy to design based on our length of the list… but based on method 1 we cannot define our length

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if it not works then send me the schema, let you suggest

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The logic behind in this is, first create the HA container (rows) based on the length of the list according to our grid view… If the length is not the perfection division with grid view then add just only one more row our self… Once row created mean then easily we can print the output easily in the HA Container… Simple…

after pasting the schema in the reply pls use this option else your schema will become not readable one by dyna comp

Here it is -

{     "name": "Test",     "metadata-version": 1,     "extension_version": 5,     "author": "<your name>",     "platforms": [         ""     ],     "keys": [ 	"id", 	"image" 	],     "components": [         {             "id": "CardUSG{id}",             "type": "MakeroidCardView",             "properties": {                 "AlignHorizontal": 3,                 "AlignVertical": 2,                 "BackgroundColor": 4288585374,                 "ContentPaddingBottom": 0,                 "ContentPaddingLeft": 0,                 "ContentPaddingRight": 0,                 "ContentPaddingTop": 0,                 "CornerRadius": 10,                 "Elevation": 0,                 "FullClickable": true,                 "Height": 110,                 "Width": 110             },             "components": [                 {                     "id": "usgImage{id}",                     "type": "Image",                     "properties": {                         "Height": -2,                         "Width": -2,                         "Picture": "{image}",                         "ScalePictureToFit": true                     }                 }             ]         }     ] }

After using your code this error showing to me

Blocks Code

No. You are wrong… it is working for me

See based on the length of the global list i have created 7 times the images in grid view with your schema

I am using Method 2, but you mixed up Method 1 with Method 2… WIll it trigger?

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Is this picture i should follow? or are it was called method 2

Please adjust your blocks based on my previous post no18…

Pls correct these error

  1. Local variable missing
  2. adding created HA Container into this local variable is missing
  3. Where to the Schema to be created is missing

Thank you :smiley:
Respect ++

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Is it worked? Seeing the output as you expected?