How can I pause the "text-to-speech" component?

I’m making a self-reading application, and I’m not a teacher the text to speech component has a pause block

Some application information

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Use Text to Audio File extension from deephost
and use Player component

I have a trick that help me to pause audio. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
i think it’s helpful for You

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I did that in the app, but how when clicking the play button to stop

i do’t understand what you exatly want

show your block

I Think this is for You

i know that .
but if you want to play audio then play a Empty String.
to stoping you audio

and if you want this block then hire an extension developer.

if you get you solution then
press the solution button to close topic

you need to set if/else block to both condision not only else.

@KodularCreator might want to add these three blocks.


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