How can i re-set value to 0 in firebase each day

Hi koders,
I need help with firebase
I wants to make a system that auto renew firebase value in each day to 0.

For example.
There is value 6 in firebase under any tag then on next day (after 24 hrs) it will auto set to 0.

What should i use??

You can use Firebase functions to update tag values server-side
Firebase has plenty of tutorials on working with Cloud Functions.

Do note that you’ll need to know some JavaScript to work with Cloud Functions.

Sorry i dont want to do that as i never use.

Can this be done by blocks?? Using clock or any time api

It’s not possible to perform any action when the app is not running, so I assume it isn’t possible to do this using blocks.


Auto clear tags & value of tiny db after 12 o’clock or next day. Tiny db tips hindi thunkable

You can use fitebasedb blocks like this.