How can I run My application In Only Few Area

Hello Kodular Community

I Want To Know That How Can I Run My Application Only On Some Local Area For Example

If any User Open The Application In Their Home The App Will Show Them We Doesn’t Provide Service Any Where we Only Provides Services Only In Our Branch and the app will also share the Location of our branch and as they come in branch the application will work

In short I want The Only My application Should Run In. Few Places


You will probably need to use geofencing.

Create a list of areas where your app can work. When the user opens the app it will check to see if the user is inside the area. If they are then allow them to use the app, otherwise show them a message that it doesn’t work where they are.

You can google geofencing or search the forum for more information.

Just be aware that if the app needs to work indoors then getting latitude and longitude may not always be accurate especially if you are using the phone’s GPS.

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You can use this extension:

That means you have to use location to check if you’re inn a particular area. You have to register the location of your office and give it a particular radius you want the app to run. Read the thread you’ll be able to do it.

Please Can You Give me a Example Through The Block or provide me the aia file

Search the forum for examples.

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