How can I use large .json files?

What would be the most logical way to use a 25Mb .json data store quickly and stably?

When I want to display the data in a list or other form, it takes quite a while to process the data. I need ideas from the kodular community so I can minimize this wait time.

No body knows whether this will work or not. Do you how long will it take place to parse? Reconsider your idea

It takes about 40-50 seconds with the Huawei P20 Pro. There’s an annoying waiting time when the search process has multiple or incorrect entries.

Actually, I think starting the search process after the user enters 5 letters in the text box can solve this problem, but I could not try this method because there is no block to change the Search text in the list view block options. Can you help with this?

Better use any online database . I am not sure how for you will get result. We have tested with 13k rows from gsheet and we search for an item from this rows in just 5sec… if you use online dB may be you can reduce you problem…

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The most logical way would be not to use such a large json file. Use a sqlite file or online database where you can select your data.

Why would you think that?

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I extracted the data I will list from .json and made a list in a separate place. Now the waiting time is gone but do I need to extract all the data like this?

To explain better, I want to show you an example from the .json list.

	"RECS": [
            "id": "1",
            "u_hash": "",
            "b_id": "",
            "name": "Test Name 123",
            "pic": "",
            "rel_at": "",
            "cor_XY": "",
            "back": "",
            "st": "",
            "dis_size": "",
            "dis_res": "",
            "pix": "",
            "v_pix": "",
            "set": "",
            "now": "",
            "Real": "",
            "type": "",
            "speck": "",
            "del_at": "",
            "add_at": "",
            "up_at": ""

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I solved the problem. I think my need some java knowledge.
I solved this problem with the following Kio4 extension and java related documentation.

Kio4 DecoJson;
Uygulama Sorumlusu. Uzantı. Json’ın kodunu çözün. JsonPath. Json’dan Xml’e ve Xml’den Json’a dönüştürün. (

McKeeman Formu (
Çeşitli Örnekler | JSON Şeması (
json-path/JsonPath: Java JsonPath uygulaması (

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