How can i verify email before login

how can i verification email before login and email not used to login only user name is used .

You want email verification or login by username

I want Account Not Login after Sen Link On this Email He Can Login Your Account Not Activated After send Link and open It He Can Login

Then do one thing… after checking (from previous solved topic) email (and save the OTP in tinydb) the randomly generated OTP to the email that he used… also create one more variable under the user name in firebase as, Status : Inactive

If he entered the saved OTP then change the tag value status : Active

At the time of login if he not done this and skipped mean, nextime while he open the app, just call this tag, if it is Inactive just alert him

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you can use google account picker

use an image or button for picking account

then make text box read only

and set block like this

Note :- the user can not enter email address manually. he needs to select from their existing google accounts in his phone.
user can not use other email services like etc.

Yes of course, that’s also good idea. But the fact is, only Gmail can be used .

For this taifun account picker will be good to use.

yes you are correct :+1:

all must use email to login but i need to login with user name plz help

any one can help plz

Let me understand, you want to validate if user enters a valid email during registration
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and then when registered and uses login you have to check user name and password ?

Suggestion already added

can you send bloack pic plz

send me your demo aia, i mean aia with screen1 alone

i make Two Page one for registration other for login and this screen one

you need This screen aia file

plz help i need put email and send password (value ) and username (project bucket ) To same email

this screens

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