How can pick or open pdf file in kodular

Android Version 11

I believe with the suggested extension it is not possible to access the ASD on Android 11 devices .

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Please, Please, Please- Provide an aia and apk file using this extension with file type PDF

You are right

You have any other solution, like whatsapp or any other app how can pick all types of file and data

A lot of changes has been made with the limitations in file accessing with android 11+ and we will see more changes as soon Kodular releases new version targeting SDK 30 see


@Ankit_Pal Try this is it working and i also request others to check this
Pdf_file_Pick.apk (5.4 MB)

Thanks, But it’s not working
Permission allow/granted but it’s return value permission was not granted

Check it

Try again one more time after enabling all the required permission from settings
Note:- This error/Problem is due to android 11 restrictions

Tried many times, android 11 problem

Now Let’s talk to professional @bodymindpower
Now anke can help in getting into the storage of android 11

Try this one pdfviewer
pdfviewer (7).apk (5.6 MB)
it’s working on my android 11

download2ASD by @bodymindpower and File picker extension by@JEWEL used.


Thank you so much… I’m fix this problem. Upload any pdf file to firebase storage and post link to firebase database

Thank you so much to all. I’m fix this problem :grinning: :star_struck:. Upload any pdf file to firebase storage and post link to firebase database. yahhhuuu

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Tested on Android 11.

When the app starts, 2 pdf files (test1.pdf, test2.pdf) are copied from the assets to the root dir of the ASD and to the /Download/myPDFs/ folder of the ASD. These pdf files are then be picked.



Please provide aia and apk file

Amazing work… @bodymindpower

It’s my own way, uploaded with firebase storage and firebase database…:hugs::hugs::joy:with overview

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Can you give me aia file?