How do I block a user in the Kodular Community as with any other social media platform?

How do I block a user in the Kodular Community, there is no way to do it as with any other social media network.

You can ignore the user, and I won’t get any notification from them nor you will see their posts/topics/PMs:

You can’t block them individually from sending you personal messages as far as I know, however, you can disable every one to send you personal messages from preferences>notifications:

Or allow specific users only to PM you :

From Preferences>users.


Thank you.

I’m still wondering why you have to act like you’re a celebrity and say that this is your official account in your signature. It’s not like anyone is going to impersonate you here. I mean, I guess whatever floats your boat, but it really isn’t needed.


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Just because this is a topic you created, doesn’t mean the rules do not apply to you.


But why? You don’t accept PM. I posted nothing yet.

I will leave you to figure out what you have to do because there are many examples of it on the community.

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