How do I delete my old topics (ex: Kodular APK Security)

Hello, I would like to delete my old topic (Kodular APK Security).
It was over a month that I requested it for deletion but it still exists till this day.
I don’t want it anymore. I started that old topic two years ago only so I could a solution to the public link generation stuff, but I only got little support and instead wasted my time on that topic, and so I want it deleted.

I would also like my username changed to “cje9604”. I want to change it from “John_the_Lego”.

I think only mods can delete topics.
But an old topic won’t harm you at all. Why do you care about it?

I just don’t want it to be up anymore. “Kodular APK Security” is unnecessary!

I think it’s part of Discourse rules that you can’t delete a topic, but you can ask for it to be unlisted. PM a mod to do this for you.

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@cje9604 are you aware of the Streisand effect?
Streisand effect - Wikipedia.
now your old topic you like to get deleted gets again more attention…

No, I have not heard of it.
I only want “Kodular APK Security” deleted because that topic is garbage and I don’t want it anymore.