(!OUTDATED!) Kodular APK Security

Hello Everybody, back in August or September of 2020 Kodular has introduced a new feature which generates a public link for two hours after a user builds either an APK or AAB. Two hours is a very long time especially if a hacker or someone can just do something crazy with my apps like hosting them in the Google Play Store without my consent. I have been using Kodular since 2019 and for me this is a security issue as I am building apps for a private business. The private business does not want me to share the private apps to the public. I would like a feature in the creator settings that allows me to disable the public link creation of built apps and/or some way to change the duration.


I Think The Public Link Is With Your Control If You Share It Then Anyone Can Access It Otherwise No Can Can Access It , So Don’t Worry About Leaking Your Data

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It is not controllable. It lasts two hours and I have to use a text box TinyDB to make a password screen for every app which is annoying and time consuming. The links are easily guessable like for example.


This is a link from one of my exported apps in which doesn’t exist anymore.

And That’s Not Right Guess :yum:

The links are easy to guess. Someone could share their app’s link. Accidentally type the wrong link and there goes my private app in the public.

You know how lucky you have to be to accomplish that, I have more chance of winning the lottery then guessing your link…


I build apps for a private business and they don’t want the apps public.

Everyone Who Is Creating Apps Keeping It Secrete And Feeling Secure Because That Not Easy To Guess.

Kodular Is Always Keep Our Data Secure Than Himself That Why Kodular Is Most Trusted Platform.


You are not “sharing” your app to the public. You are just creating a link for you to download your app.

As @Boban said

Unless you post your link on any social media, your app won’t be made “public”.

I don’t think any hacker will be waiting for you to compile your app and then start guessing the link!


he is right, a hacker can easily get our projects easily even a kodular user get our project.

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my request is that to reduce the time from 2 hours to 20 minutes.

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here are some blocks

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Do you even know how many combinations there are…


a hacker can use multiple APKs with clock component for downloading many APKs within less time

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Good luck!


26 x 26 x 26 x 26 x 26 x 26
= 26^6
= 308,915,776
Even if we guess 1000 combinations per second
It takes more than 3 days to guess all combinations


if we created 10 apps.

Do the math and see what you come up with, then decide if it’s worth it…

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But I would like to ask
What if a hacker runs a code on cloud to guess combinations :thinking:

plus what’s the probability of your combinations matching with the apps currently built?

You yourself gave the answer :wink:
But the hacker might manage to get away with a few apps