How do I edit the project name and logo?

Sorry guys. I can not find any place to edit the project name and logo.

I tried to edit in the box in the upper left corner right under the Creator logo, where my project name is, but it did not budge.

Please advise. Thank you.

Export Your aia file in computer and rename it and import it in kodular

From icon section you can change logo…

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Edit project name here.

Its simple, just click on project select save project as.

Rename your project and save.

Now you have two projects with two different names.
Make sure that your new project contains all your kodes.

Now you can delete old one.

And for app logo, just create a logo for your app 512×512 dimensions and upload to your assets.

In screen1 properties there is option for app icon, click on it and select uploaded image, it will be set as logo of your app.


Thank you ALL. I did it. I was reminded that i need to mark “solved” somewhere. Unfortunately, I can not find “solved” button to press.

Thank you as always.

The reply to your post which solved your problem, you have to mark that reply as solution…at bottom of the reply there is option for marking it as solution.

Haha, Thank you. Will do. I have been asking too many questions.

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