How Is Cloudinary Transformations counted

i am making app which will load images
so i am using cloudinary as my main source but problem is in transformation
i cant understand it
is it total number of times a image load?
means i have a image and i load it 50 times from same url so transformation count will be 50?

Did you ask Cloudinary?


As Peter said, you should probably ask in the Cloudinary forums.


Ok :dizzy_face: i already asked lets wait for response

Login your account and check yourself !

Its about when you upload files or edit or copy them its counted +1

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Ok i did not knew about it as used cloudinary first time :kissing_heart:
but had read about transformation but cant understand correctly

my transformation count is 50 but i have uploaded 18 images and not yet copied or edited
and this transformation tab is showing just 3 things

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