How much an app should weigh

Guys, ever since I started on kodular, I have been haunted by a question:

How many MB should an app weigh?

I know that varies, but what maximum weight they consider for it. Let’s use the example of a delivery app. How much maximum weight would you put on it? * the delivery app is very complete

Not sure…
I think kodular’s maxium app size is 30 mb or something :sweat_smile:


Kodular has a maximum weight per project in app?

Not sure… but I think

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I see you like to post solutions, but unfortunately sometimes you post false ones. Please make sure the solution you provide is correct as someone may believe your incorrect one and act upon it.


Do you have any evidence to prove it? Or just a guess that you named it sure?

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And @ElMaxicero4 likes to ask questions without searching on the community first.
There likely used to be many questions already asked or related on the community related to his question.

I also have aware him in this post

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Hahaha, that is already in the past and it will not be repeated.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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