How safe is Airtable?

If I’m not wrong Airtable doesn’t have rules like firebase does. So if I add Airtable to my app and add blocks that allow users to only read from that database is it possible that someone could dig through the apk file, obtain the api key etc and then edit or delete the database’s content or is it safe?

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Finding the API key is the same for any app. Use obfuscation where you can.

Correct the security for Airtable is not the same as Firebase.

Airtable does not appear to be designed for massive mobile user base. And the permissions are based on users and shared options, and not intended for many read only users.

I think you should look at the fundamental differences in its objective and assess if it meets your objectives. It is great if you a building an app for a company for their specific use, however a one to thousand users approach… I do not think AIrtable is the best approach.


It’s true that Firebase would be better for my project but its much more complicated than Airtable to set up if you want to have security and it seems to have some other issues as well, so I’ll go with Airtable for now.

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I think @cian in Right.

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