How: Show saved markers in OSM map

Hello experts,

I create markers based on information from a CSV file and display them on the map.
That works great!
I would like to save the markers in a Tinydb for offline use. I save the list of markers.


If I now load the list of markers, I cannot add them to the map.

I thought I can put Map1.Feature on the list of markers?
But after the assignment, Map1.Feature is empty?
No marker on the map
What am I doing wrong?

Does anyone have any idea how I can get the saved markers displayed?

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Did you get any error? pls post the error too…

Why dont you look at this guide?

The markers you are creating are runtime markers. Use the same method you used to set the markers from your csv file in order to set the markers from your tinydb.

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Thank you for your feedback!

So I can save a list of the “Marker” object (including its properties), but no longer display or edit it after loading it? Very sad. What then does the “” command do?
After the marker has been generated, exactly the list of markers is in map1.feature.

Since I want the user to change the properties of markers at runtime, I have to create a list for each property that is saved in the TinyDB. When opening, do I have to regenerate the markers using the lists?

ok I’ll do it - saving and displaying entire objects would be more elegant :wink:

You can create a feature collection, but if the user is editing individual markers, then you will still need the facility to allow this. Either method should work for you. Ensure you get your feature collection json correct.

I think your block to store value is not right…
your data is in variables.

Try this logic

Tinydb store value
Tag = “your tag”
Value to store (make a list)

  1. Global no
  2. Global lat
  3. Global lng
  4. Global title
  5. Global description